We, the unsigned: What real working mums say

Despite the many HR policy changes we hear about in the media to help make work ‘work’ for parents (which I wholeheartedly applaud), something still isn’t right.

Working mothers are trying to be all things to all people but are falling short, naturally, because its an impossible task that is somehow expected of them by society.

Mothers lack time, meaning they rarely have time for their own wellbeing. They are overlooked for opportunities at work, where its assumed they aren’t as dedicated as they used to be. They don’t have the so-called ‘village’ to help raise their brood. And they feel misunderstood by their managers, their colleagues and sometimes even their family and friends.

Here are just a few quotes from the Mums Who Love To Work survey, which closes on Friday 2 July at 5pm. The final outcomes will be shared in August.

Women are three times as likely to take time off to care for children, which means they are far more likely to be seen differently. Is that right?

The elephant in the room: Are mothers as dedicated to their work as their non-parent counterparts? What’s the evidence either way?

You can see how simple comments like this, stemming from deep-rooted beliefs and traditions in society, can quickly start to affect a mother’s ability to progress her career and achieve her ambitions.

So far, no mother I’ve spoken to has wanted to be publicly identified. They feel awkward and uncomfortable about it. Culture change often starts like this. It’s only when we face into these difficult societal and behavioural issues that we can start to make progress. I’ve done it before within organisations, and now I’m taking on a bigger fish, tackling culture change on a much larger scale.

So please, join me. Share your comments, complete the survey or share the link to encourage others to get involved. My aim is to use this data to create a campaign that does good; that asks employers to step up and that improves the lives of working parents everywhere.

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