People are the building blocks of your reputation

The Lego Group was ranked number 1 in the Reputation Institute’s annual RepTrak®100 list for 2021. CEO Niels Christiansen said: “Everyday, employees at The Lego Group are empowered to make decisions to do what’s right for children, our fans, our partners, the environment and our local communities. It’s each one of these actions — big… Continue reading People are the building blocks of your reputation

We, the unsigned: What real working mums say

Despite the many HR policy changes we hear about in the media to help make work 'work' for parents (which I wholeheartedly applaud), something still isn't right. Working mothers are trying to be all things to all people but are falling short, naturally, because its an impossible task that is somehow expected of them by… Continue reading We, the unsigned: What real working mums say

Embracing the nay-sayers

BrewDog ignored its unhappy employees at its peril. BrewDog’s recent run-in with its ex-employees has shown what can happen when an organisation’s culture stops working for its people, without the organisation realising. The unfortunate truth is that the animosity between BrewDog and its staff could have been avoided if the company had listened to employees… Continue reading Embracing the nay-sayers

Five amazing things campaigns can do

I’m a big fan of a campaign. I say that as a communications professional who has seen plenty of ‘flash in the pan’ announcements over the years which sound great at the time, but are quickly replaced by newer news. For clarification, the definition of a campaign is “a planned group of especially political, business,… Continue reading Five amazing things campaigns can do

Confessions of a mum who loves to work

I enjoy working. There I said it. Like anyone, I have my moments when work is stressful or hard, but generally I’m happiest when I’m applying my brain and achieving something. If you know me personally you might be thinking "ah, that makes sense” because I feel as though enjoying work makes me different somehow.… Continue reading Confessions of a mum who loves to work

Communicating during rapid change

How the Olympics taught me to communicate well when things move quickly. Good communication is crucial for organisations to function effectively. However, as organisations grow and evolve, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep everyone informed. People and teams become spread out, focusing more on their own objectives and performance measures than the overall strategy and… Continue reading Communicating during rapid change

Don’t panic about defining the ‘new normal’

Everyone’s talking about when employees should return to the office. Who will work at home? How will it affect business? Will people feel part of a team? We’re facing pressure to answer these questions and to tell staff and stakeholders something, anything, to clarify the situation. Under normal circumstances a decent internal communicator would verify… Continue reading Don’t panic about defining the ‘new normal’

3 steps to improving employee wellbeing

A 5-minute guide for business leaders There’s nothing like a global pandemic to bring health and wellbeing into sharp focus. Whether you’re operating in public spaces, behind closed doors or remotely, the physical and mental wellbeing of your people has never been more important. And if you’re grappling with how to improve your wellbeing approach,… Continue reading 3 steps to improving employee wellbeing